Supporting Chambers of Commerce Through Member Education Programs and Revenue Sharing Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of webinars does ChamberWise™ offer?

ChamberWise webinars are designed for the typical Chamber of Commerce member. Each webinar is one hour long and generally features three speakers and a moderator. Each premieres live and then is available on demand for one year. Topics include:

  • Starting a Business
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal Basics
  • Managing and Collecting Accounts Receivable
  • Executive Coaching
  • Winding Down a Business
  • Basics of Investing
  • Special Concerns of the Family Business

What is the discounted webinar price for ChamberWise™ Members?

All webinars designed for business people by Financial Poise normally cost $59.99. They are offered to members of ChamberWise Education Consortium Members for $19.99.

Are all Financial Poise webinars available to ChamberWise™ Education Consortium Members?

Yes, but not at the discounted price. Many webinars have content directed toward attorneys rather than business people. No discount is offered on these webinars.

What is the cost of joining the Consortium?

Free for the first 50 chambers that join the ChamberWise Education Consortium. That is, the first 50 chambers will be given “founding member” status with dues waved for life. ChamberWise intends to charge a small annual administrative fee to all non-founding members.

How much is the revenue-share for chambers that become members of ChamberWise™?

Chambers earn 20% of the gross revenue generated by their members.

Do Consortium Members have any other rights or responsibilities?

A Consortium Member can leave the Consortium at any time. While a Consortium Member, a Chamber will be listed on the ChamberWise website (with a hyperlink to its own website) as a ChamberWise member and ChamberWise will be happy to publish news about your Chamber. In return, we ask each Consortium Member to help promote ChamberWise webinars. We ask that, at a minimum, Consortium Members include a link to the Financial Poise website somewhere on their own websites.

What is Financial Poise™ and how is it related to ChamberWise™?

Financial Poise is a webinar producer (its website is, and it is currently the producer of all ChamberWise webinars.

Is ChamberWise™ open to working with other webinar producers?

Yes. If you are a webinar producer and would like to market your webinars through ChamberWise, please contact [email protected]

How does one speak at a ChamberWise™ webinar or suggest a topic?

ChamberWise is always looking for new topics and new speakers. If your chamber is a ChamberWise Education Consortium Member, simply contact [email protected] with your interest in speaking and/or idea for a topic.

Who owns ChamberWise™?

ChamberWise is privately owned by Sherman Titens and DailyDAC, Inc., which also owns Financial Poise.

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