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The Benefits of Joining ChamberWise

Member Education

Member Education

Your members get access to our full library of deep-dive webinars at 50% off the normal price.

Revenue Share

Revenue Share

Receive $3 for every webinar purchased using your chamber's unique discount code.

Member Networking


An online community for discussion and networking between chamber members and executives.


Quality Resources to Faciliate Member Development

Network membership garners chambers of commerce access to the growing library of business, legal and financial webinars produced by ChamberWise content partners, primarily Financial Poise Webinars. ChamberWise members market these webinars to their members, and through a revenue-share program, gain not only an efficient and convenient member education delivery system, but also proceeds from each webinar purchased by one of their members.

Additionally, chamber members and executives have the opportunity to network with a wider, nationwide, base of businesses and business professionals as well as the opportunity to be considered as faculty for upcoming Financial Poise webinars or articles.

ChamberWise webinars are a practical and convenient way to learn from the nation’s leading experts.

Right now, ChamberWise is completely free to join. In the future, ChamberWise may charge a small fee to join or an annual administrative fee to its members. Any founding chambers that join before the fees are instated will be grandfathered into the free membership.


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