Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of webinars does ChamberWise™ offer?

ChamberWise webinars are designed for the typical chamber of commerce member. Each webinar is one hour long and generally features three speakers and a moderator. Each premieres live and then is available on demand. Topics include:

  • Starting a Business
  • Sales, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Legal Basics
  • Managing and Collecting Accounts Receivable
  • Executive Coaching
  • Winding Down a Business
  • Basics of Investing
  • Special Concerns of the Family Business

How many webinars will my chamber members have access to?

ChamberWise members have access to our full, one-hour on demand webinar library and our special events recording library as well. Our webinars can be viewed live for CLE/CPE credit through our third-party provider, but we cannot offer discounts on those webinars and they must be purchased through our partner, West LegalEdCenter.

What is the discounted webinar price for ChamberWise™ Members?

All on demand webinars normally cost $39.99. They are offered to members of the ChamberWise Network for $19.99, or 50% off. This discount also applies to our series bundles (purchasing all webinars in a series at an already discounted price).

Is there a cost to join the ChamberWise™ Network?

There is currently no cost to join ChamberWise as we begin to build our initial network of chambers. As the network grows past a certain point, we may need to start charging a fee to join the network, or a small yearly fee, to cover maintenance and administrative costs. Note: Any chamber that joins the network prior to fees being charged will continue with a free membership for the lifetime of their account.

Are there any other benefits besides the webinar content?

ChamberWise may hold other events, such as live webinars, in-person events and digital networking meetings that chambers and their members can attend. As ChamberWise members, your chamber executives and members would have the opportunity to suggest topics that Financial Poise could use to produce a stand alone webinar or webinar series.

Can I leave the ChamberWise™ network at anytime?

ChamberWise members can leave the network at anytime they wish by simply contacting us by email. Leaving the network will immediately disable your member’s discount code. Any final revenue shares will be paid out at the end of the current month.

How much is the revenue-share for chambers that become members of ChamberWise™?

Chambers earn $3 of every webinar purchased by one of their chamber members. Webinars can be purchased in bundles, in which case the chamber will receive $3 for every webinar in that bundle.

How do you track our chamber’s webinar sales?

Webinar purchases are tracked using a discount code, unique to each chamber. If this code is not used during the purchase, the member discount will not be applied and we cannot offer you the revenue share. All revenue will be tracked and paid out on a monthly basis, along with a detailed report of webinar purchases made throughout the month. There will not be any discount refunds on purchases made without the discount code.

How do chambers get paid their revenue percentage?

At the end of each month, ChamberWise will pay out the necessary revenue share via PayPal or direct deposit. Establishing this payment method will be part of the onboarding process.

Do ChamberWise™ Members have any responsibilities?

As a ChamberWise Member, we do ask for your help in marketing our webinars to your members. Your chamber will be listed on our website (including a back link to your website) and we are happy to publish news about your chamber that we feel will be relevant to our readers. In return, we ask each member help promote ChamberWise webinars and that you return the back link by linking to either the ChamberWise or Financial Poise website from your chamber’s website.

What is Financial Poise™ and how is it related to ChamberWise™?

Financial Poise is our sister website and currently the main producer of all webinars available to ChamberWise members. The articles on Financial Poise may be valuable to your members as a free resource as well.

Is ChamberWise™ open to working with other webinar producers?

Yes. If you are a webinar producer and would like to market your webinars through ChamberWise, please contact us at [email protected].

How does one speak at a ChamberWise™ webinar or suggest a topic?

ChamberWise is always looking for new topics and new speakers. If your chamber is a ChamberWise Member, simply contact [email protected] to let us know you’re interested in speaking and/or your idea for a webinar topic.

How does ChamberWise™ make money?

Our goal is to increase sales of our on demand webinars. We believe that our webinar content will be valuable to chamber of commerce members, so a partnership with those chambers makes sense. By partnering with chambers or commerce, we increase our ability to market our webinars to a targeted audience. If ChamberWise grows past a certain point, we may need to charge a small fee when joining the network to cover the costs of maintenance and administrative work.